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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Can I add different job titles in my company?

    You can add all the job titles in your company and assign different job title to different employees.

  2. Can I assign different shifts to different employees?

    Yes. You can manage employee shifts and assign different shifts to different employees.

  3. Can I check my employee attendance details?

    You can view each employee’s daily attendance details and also view the general log report showing attendance details for number of days.

  4. Can leave and holiday be managed?

    You can manage leave and holiday by specifying the number of leave and holiday date as per your company’s rule.

  5. How pay is useful for me?

    Payroll is helpful for timely and accurate salary and wage calculation.

  6. Can I define salary rate for each employee?

    There is a facility to set rules to define basic salary, deductions and taxes according to the specific needs of your organization.

  7. How do I calculate each employee’s net salary?

    After defining salary, PF and CIT rates you can get the net salary from ‘transaction calculation’ option.

  8. What details can I view under employee’s personal profile?

    You can view experience, skills, projects, awards, documents and insurance details in employee profile.

  9. How do I invite employees to my list?

    You can send a link through employee’s email address and invite them.

  10. Can I edit employee’s profile?

    Yes you have the right to make necessary changes on the employees’ profile.

  11. Can I delete employee profile?

    You cannot delete employee profile but you can terminate retired employees and they will be listed under ‘ex- employee’.

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