What is HRMSuite.com?

HRMSuite.com is all in one complete HR management tool. It manages entire human resource related issues of an organization including Time Attendance, Personal Information System, Payroll Management, Staff Appraisal System, Recruitment Management.

Forget the outdated recording system, keep employee info in a smooth and organized way with HRMSuite.com we assure you the best result.


Best For Your Enterprise

The system is based on SaaS architecture that makes the software fully accessible from the web and from the cloud. With this technology the application functions are delivered through the internet in HARATI’s own hosted web server. It works on subscription basis and companies do not even need to have expensive software and hardware for installation and hosting.




It is a web based application and works on the SAAS technology (software as a service) enabled by the internet and corporate intranets, has become an innovative way for enterprises to do business focusing on the services.

For Nepali Customers

Gaining popularity among Nepali customers and Nepali Market, the software is highly effective for Nepalese Customers as there is Nepali language and calendar setting can be done.


The need of maintaining the daily, weekly or monthly several report of your company can easily be carried out with HRMSuite.com..Suite.com. Also it facilitates with leave report, over time report and many others

The HRMsuite has many features as shown aside which makes it a very user-friendly, secure, reliable and easy to use software i.e, which is the sole reason in skyrocketing in use of the software. The software is equipped with so many features and facilities to enable the environment between user and system even easy and hostile with high security.

Attendance Enabled

The software works in integration with several attendance devices based on RFID, Fingerprint, Face Scanning devices etc with either HARATI brand several models, Time Attendance machines or any other third party.

Cost Effective Devices

There are several cost effective pricing policy suitable for small business to large enterprise. The software has cost effective price policy as it works in yearly subscription basis .

Nepali Calendar

The system accepts all Nepali Font, Nepali format date, since most Nepali companies use BS date as their standard format date. You can input the date in any format just simply by clicking an option.



Time and Attendance

Now forget keeping records; You can now keep track of all of your employee’s attendance and work time and schedules through the HRMSUite.com - Time and Attendance module.

Time and Attendance

Forget keeping records; You can now keep track of your employee’s attendance and work time through the HRMSUite.com - Time and Attendance module.

HRMSuite.com Time and attendance module is a solution to all your leave and attendance related problems. Now you can record, track, monitor, and evaluate your employees’ working times, attendance, absences and other activities. Each individual employee shift and check in and check out time can also be viewed.
The HRMSuite.com Time Attendance system is electronic attendance system in which every employee makes their attendance either through T/A devices or through log in module of software rather than using attendance book. The system tracks all employee related details including over-time, under-time, leave etc.

Additional Features

  • Different work shifts for different job categories can be assigned.
  • Employees can request leave online and have their requests approved online.
  • Different types of leave categories can be created and leave can be added as per the company’s rules.
  • Employees can view the holiday list and also can check leave status/ leave balance i.e. number of leave left.
  • Less error in attendance recording and leave calculations as there will be no manual recording.
  • Helps manage working shifts in large companies having large number of employee working in different shifts like hospitals, department stores, restaurants etc.
  • You can add number of holidays based on your company’s policies.

Staff Appraisal

Want your staffs to get motivated and work even better? As the name suggests staff appraisal module helps you motivate your staffs better helping your company for prosperous growth.

Staff Appraisal

Want your staffs to get motivated and work even better? As the name suggests staff appraisal module helps you motivate your staffs better helping your company for prosperous growth.

Staff appraisal is a module which helps the manager or company head to make employee evaluation. It helps to evaluate the work and analyze the effort of each staff. Staff performance appraisals establish individual training needs and enable organizational training needs analysis and planning. It helps in staff motivation, attitude and behavior development. So now you can easily keep records of all your staff evaluation through which you can easily analyze your staff performance and praise their efforts.

Additional Features

  • 360° evaluation
  • User definable performance standard.
  • User definable performance rating.

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Health care

The system proves to be beneficial for Hospitals and health care centers. Managing and assigning shifts is now made easy through HRM Suite; the attendance log of number of doctors and nurses and different shifts can easily be managed through the use of this system efficiently and effectively.


The system can be installed in schools and colleges to manage the attendance and information and pay related details of employees. Teachers and administration staff details can be maintained with the help of the software.
Also check our another product sAttend.com to track student attendance system.


No more hassling involved while keeping records of attendance log book and pay management in different government firms and agencies. This can easily be done through the system. Also it facilitates integrating various departments and divisions through the use of this software.

Private Sectors & Businesses

Private Sectors

HRM Suite is useful for private sector offices as it helps to cut down manpower and paper cost. It will also help to make employees more responsible toward their work.Even if you are running small business with less manpower HRM Suite helps in attendance, pay and personnel management along with staff appraisal too .