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The system is based on SaaS architecture that makes the software fully accessible from the web and from the cloud. With this technology the application functions are delivered through the internet in HARATI’s own hosted web server. It works on subscription basis and companies do not even need to have expensive software and hardware for installation and hosting. All you have to do is register your company to use this easy and hassle free software. The software is beneficial for small and medium sized business to large companies that helps to manage the people and increase productivity. It helps to simplify and organize the complex HR related issues in a company.

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Keeping in mind the companies based on Nepal, the software can be used in Nepali Font System with Nepali Calendar facilities. The facility to use Nepali Calendar system makes it easier in attendance management and pay management. The software is easy to use and no prior training is required to operate the system.

Best For Your Enterprise is all in one complete HR management tool. It manages entire human resource related issues of an organization including Time Attendance, Personal Information System, Payroll Management, Staff Appraisal System, Recruitment Management and Employee Task Management System.

Understanding the software from a Employee’s view

HRM Suite is not just useful for the companies but is also very beneficial for the employees, as they can easily register in as well. Storing all your data was never so easy. You can easily add and edit all your information and keep it safe and access it anytime as it is totally web based.

How It Works

Simply register yourself in the by going through few registration processes for employee and create profile containing personal details. Users can add various details to their profile: skills, projects, experience, education, awards, documents and insurance details. Also users can view their attendance details themselves by logging into the system. Employee can send leave request and after approval of the request gets notification on the dashboard.

Understanding the software from a Company’s view

You can easily register your company in After getting registered you get to use all facilities we provide on the software. You can manage your company profile and set rules and regulations as per your company’s policy. You need not worry and wait for the branch head to submit the employee reports as HRM Suite helps you keep track of all your branches and employees through one place.

How It Works

The administrator or HR Manager, who operates the software can create and invite the employee to the list of employees. It helps to organize all employee personal details in one place. Also various kinds of reports like employee list, employee insurance report, general log, daily reports, leave reports, etc can be viewed and can also be downloaded in different formats. You can use Time and Attendance, PMS (Personnel Management System) and various other features that are integrated with the system.